Artist Statement

My work tries to catch fragments of the past and share those displaced memories through images. I intentionally used a minimum of colors to symbolize the eternal nature of these moments in time. The objects and actions in the work depict moments of play which represent dreams and aspiration often connected with childhood. Producing small pieces represents a new step for me as an artist in an attempting to create ‘slice of life’ vignettes.

    After a lecture by Philip Glass, I was inspired by what he said about the role of the artist; the vocation of the artist is to bring magic into the mundane. My work has always been about an attempt to bridge life’s mysteries with material truths. The pieces here represent a nostalgic exploration that revisits the mundane moments of childhood and instills a lost, mystical quality to them.

    The materials used for the series of these pieces included ink, white paint, black ink, marker, and glitter. The paintings are sealed with a varnish that literally and metaphorically glosses those past moments in time.

    Art in its purest form derives out of an intuitive process, and as an artist what I choose to express is channeled from something larger than myself as an individual. The process of making art takes on a deep, visceral, and profound manifestation that evolves beyond ego, the artist, or anything that can be categorized. My work is a continued attempt to bridge life’s mysteries with material truths.