• Recycled Rain Show on Saturday, June 1st 2013

    Recycled Rain Show on Saturday, June 1st 2013

    Looking forward to Saturday's Recycled Rain Show, I hope to see you there.  The artist in the show had thrity days to complete work using rain water to make all the pieces.  This recent series which was made with rain water focused on the element of water and nostaligic memory for inspiration. 

    During the art making process, I noticed a theme kept coming up.  It started with a friend sharing his story out of the blue of how he surived on a raft for 21 days with no food and drinking only sea water in order to escape Vietnam in 1979. The very next day I was at a meeting, where someone talked about their daughters upcoming marriage.  They said that the daughters husband to-be was from Vietnam.  He came to Portland in the 1970's, and shared his story with them.  They said that all the people on the raft were caught in a storm during the escape from Vietnam.  At the moment when the raft was about to capsize, two whales came up on each side of the raft and kept everyone on the boat from going overboard.  The following day, I heard a story of the Vietnamese Boat People on a radio show which was about refugees living in Portland.  I try to remain open on trying to learn from this reoccuring message. Each story gives me chills, and I feel honored to have this unique theme keep coming up.  Overall this theme is what inspired my recent series, as I attempted to fathom the experiences of these peoples lives. Life is magic, art is magic.

    This is my continued belief on art:   Art in its purest form derives out of an intuitive process, and as an artist what I choose to express is channeled from something larger than myself as an individual. The process of making art takes on a deep, visceral, and profound manifestation that evolves beyond ego, the artist, or anything that can be categorized. My work is a continued attempt to bridge life’s mysteries with material truths. akg