• The Recycled Rain Project

    The Recycled Rain Project

    Art sabbatical over, and the Recycled Rainer Project is on. I have a month to make work using recycled rain water, this ought to be a hoot. I hope to see you at the Art Show on June 1st. Stay tuned!

    The Second Annual Recycled Rain Show will take place on June 1st 2013 at the Olympic Mills Gallery in Portland, Oregon. All juried artists will create original works using only collected rainwater. While the subject matter in the paintings is varied, the overall concept is to bring to light simple ways that we can rethink the way we use water.

    Recycled Rain Project

    The Recycled Rain Project is a show featuring water-based art created entirely by rainwater with a percentage of profits benefiting water related charities.

    The Recycled Rain Project was founded to help bring awareness to local artists and the various water issues facing both our state and other’s abroad. (One in eight people on the planet drinks water that's likely to make them sick. The water crisis and poverty go hand-in-hand.)Water is a natural resource that we cannot take for granted. There are many ways that we can use this precious resource more wisely to create a better community and do our small part for the planet and our fellow man.

    As part of the exhibit we will also highlight everyday ways that individuals can do to make a difference.
    A portion of the sale of any works will be donated to charity yet to be announced. Once the artists are selected we will vote on which charity to give funds to.
    We hope to do our small part to start a greater movement to help other’s realize what a precious commodity we have and ways that individuals can help make a difference.
    In the long-term we would like to have this project become an annual event, both here in Portland, as well as other cities across the US.